Dear Daughter Poem#2

Dear Daughter,
I know I have not been there for a few years and that you may be in some rough times at the moment in need of a mother but I am afraid that you and your sisters will end up like me, and I just don’t want that. If I try to help then it will just end badly with you getting hurt or you imitating my bad behavior. I think you know that I love you but if you don’t know that then I am here to tell you that I really do love you and I would give anything to be with you and your sisters, but mostly you because you are my favorite.

Love and Eyes Poem#1

The Eyes
They are the Window to the soul and hold the secrets we all fear to tell
Some hold the deaths of loved ones and some hold deep lies we will never tell for they might KILL the ones we we seek to keep safe
My Eyes hold both truths and lies and are as Stormy as the Sky’s
Most might judge you on your appearance or actions but what they should really do is look into your eyes and think, “hey maybe I am just a judgemental little corpulent”
I love you and that is what matters, not the opinions of those coccydynia’s
But I mostly love your eyes and your eyes only


Partner Novel #4-My Opinions

Dear Corbin,

You are completely right! You should pact her up and quickly go and track down Wolf, nothing else, not even to rest.

The only differing opinion I have with one of Toraks decisions is the one were he chose to take care of Wolf when he found him with his dead mom, I would have token Wolf but the stab him and eat him raven if he was my clan guardian, I would have aren him!!

Sincerely Eva

Partner Novel #3-Mr. Know it All

Dear Mr. Know it All,

I need some advise from you. I don’t know what to do to keep myself alive, I have never gone of on my own without Fa, I don’t know how to get everything I need to keep myself up and able to hunt and pitch a shelter. What should I do to ensure I do not die, I mean I know how to basically hunt and pitch a shelter but I am getting tired and I can’t keep doing it the way I am doing it. How do I stay awake and not drain out of energy to hunt and get water?!

Sincerely Torak.

Partner Novel #2-Connections

Dear Corbin,

I really do like Torak mostly because of the way he does things, they are very out of the box ideas. I have found that I can relate to him in the fact that I can not see my mom anymore more and he can not see his dad anymore since he is, well, dead. I think at the end of the book he is not going to make it to the mountain before he and Renn and Wolf die somehow, most likely the bear will kill them. I really like the book in general because it is really easy to understand.

Sincerely, Eva

Partner Novel #1-Character

Dear Corbin,

What I think about the character in not that different from what I think about the start in general.
I like how confident he is about getting to the where he needs to go and how his fathers death does not phase him that much at all. I don’t think that I can relate to him about much because I have never been in any time of position like this before but he does kind of remind me of a friend I used to have because her mum and dad got into a car wreck and when they died she had to get a job and help herself because she was old enough to. Does he remind you of anyone?

Sincerely, Eva

Week 7- After School

This week I am going to write about what I want to be doing after I am out of school. What I want to be doing after I get out of school is mostly to become a nurse or even to start a family. If I do start a family then it would be by adopting twin baby boys and naming then Zero and Ichiru. Then I would get a baby girl and name her Yuki. That is mostly all I want to do after school except that all of this would be happening in my mansion in Japan.


This page I am going to write about what I love about Halloween, which is my favorite holiday mostly because of me being weird I love anything that has that creepy effect to it. One of my favorite parts is when I get to see all of the cool decorations that people put up, especially if its a giant spider web because I love those! Whenever I go trick-or-treating I am a witch because that was the last costume I wore with my mom present but this year I am going to be Harry Potter. Most people think that the candy is the best part of Halloween but I just love putting on a costume and being able to scaring the heebie jeebies out of people!
My friends think that it is weird that I love Halloween but I think that they are insanely insane, don’t ya think? Last but not least, in this wondrous adventure through my Halloween think, if I had to live anywhere then it would have to be Halloween Town. (The one made by Tim Burton).

My Fantasy Land!

This week you will all find out why I call all of y’all my minions of darkness, and if I had a chose where to live then were it would be. Okay first amd for most I call y’all that because one day I hope to conquer the world with a army of evil minions, and if I had to choose then I would live in Tim Burton’s Halloween Town because I love the fact that it is always Halloween and that even though everyone is different they all come together and creat a wondrous community of monstrous things, plus I kind of fell in love with Jack Skellingtons character and then I would be able to stalk him. My favorite part about living there would be being able to see all of the different creatures out there, and to see what kind of creature I would be!
When I start thinking about it, it makes me want to move there even more because I just realized that if I go there then it would not be weird for me to have a pet spider and a pet snake, then if I let them out in class then it would be like letting out puppies in real life! Now this is a world that I would love!! Sign me up!! Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a terrible reast of your day and nightmares tinight!!